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A few weeks ago, we made a little trip to Calgary where we saw this amazing sculpture by Jaume Plensa. I wish we could have seen it at night but even in the sun it was spectacular. Truly a wonderland. I kept having the urge to wrap it a la Christo! There was a little boy playing inside when we were there. I loved watching him engage with it. He didn’t want to leave. To me, this is the best of public art.






otti berger

image from bauhaus-archiv

Yet another amazing Bauhaus textile designer discovered on pinterest. It reminded me of this book that I would love to own.

marcel the shell

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

Have you met Marcel the shell? He’s such a sweetie! We met him at the Grande Bibliotheque and then I found this film that’s been making the rounds. Love it!

We are off to the Eastern Townships for the weekend. Happy Friday all!

steak and eggs

I didn’t intend to be quiet for so long. Sometimes when life is complicated it is hard to talk about it. I’ve noticed a trend towards more sharing of the hard stuff in the blogosphere but I’m just not sure I’m brave enough for that yet. So for now, just know that all is well and that there is big stuff coming up!

I’ve also been enjoying a little re-connection time with my man after a long time working opposite schedules. It’s been good. We’ve been getting things done and enjoying a few adventures. Today I put aside my suspicious nature and we had a great lunch at a greasy diner right in our neighbourhood. I’m not usually a steak and eggs kind of girl but damn were they delicious! A little Joan Jett and Captain and Tennille on the jukebox and it felt like the perfect silly holiday I needed.

I’m also loving my little Visual Supply Co. camera. It has changed my relationship with my iphone. You should totally get one!

double rainbow

Two good things about all the rain we have been having: incredibly green and fragrant gardens and double rainbows. I need to remember these things when it’s pouring down!

white on kraft

I left the house yesterday intending to run errands. Along the way I was distracted by a little white stamp pad. I couldn’t help but bring it home.

I tried it out on a piece of cardstock from the back of one of those ubiquitous realtor notepads that always appear in our mailbox. Instant notecards!


I’ve always been drawn to neutrals and earth tones. As a girl I remember arguing with my mom about wanting brown corduroys when she preferred me in pink dresses. But lately, with the coming of spring I have been drawn to deeper more striking colours. Like this deep blue dress from Eugene Choo. I wonder if I can make the leap.

I’m curious too about how colour affects mood. Are we happier when we wear bright colours?