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to this day

Thank you Shane. Thank you for reminding me to be kinder. For reminding me that mean words hurt just as much as any physical pain. And for reminding me that inner strength and believing in myself can help me move past it all.


what a difference a year makes

The last time we went bowling I ran down the lane to try to catch this guy before he got to the pins. This time it clicked for him and he bowled all ten frames. We all had such a good time that we are going to meet up with friends there today. When I’m in the thick of day-to-day life I forget that each day brings more change, more growing up. This was a good reminder of the impermanence of childhood.

finding rhythm

We’ve been struggling a bit with following rules, getting our jobs done and even just getting out the door in the morning! When I saw this great to-do list I thought it just might help us get back on track.

I followed the template pretty closely just changing the size and shape to accommodate the post-its we had on hand. The kids really like it. My structure loving boy especially! I like the flexibility.

My only rule is that I get to put the tasks up there and they can take them off when they are done. We’ve been able to sneak in a few things that we would normally do after school too. Piano practice goes much smoother in the morning when we are all fresh. And the yoga was their idea. Just ten minutes to limber us up for the day (found via Angry Chicken). We change up the tasks as the day progresses. It’s a good bedtime routine reminder too.

after school

A rainy day made me think I needed some structure for that time between the end of pre-school and pick up of the older one. I came across this great list, chose the first project and laid out some paper, crayons and just one water colour. He was so tickled to see it all laid out just for him when he got home and he started right in. I just love his chubby little fingers hard at work and that peaceful but concentrated smile he makes when he is creating.

spring break diary: day five

It was a long night with not much sleep. An early morning and two crabby kidlets. We’re still in the throes of the fever with all it’s associated mood swings, energy level shifts and overall frustration and worry. So that’s the not fun part. I’m working on a non-reactive approach and trying to let them work through it all. I won’t lie, it’s hard. Very hard. And not always successful. But despite all of this, this morning we made the most fun and multi-media project of the whole week. We took a piece of blue mylar and turned it into a table top diorama. Then populated it with shells, plasticine fish and sea kelp, a little plasticine submarine, some kraft paper land masses, an octopus and sea kelp from our magical menagerie and oh so many other bits and bobs. It was neat to see how we could take all of the projects from the past week and throw it all together into this celebration of creativity. And the best part is that it wasn’t all my idea! I love it when the seeds that you sow come sprouting up when you least expect it.

spring break diary: day three

Was that snow this morning? The wet weather kept us inside and we had the best morning in a long while. We’re on sick watch for the little one. He was full of uncharacteristic snuggles early this morning and seems to be on the verge of a virus. We scrapped plans to visit the thrift store for treasure hunting and get out in the garden and respected our low energies and found a new, quiet rhythm in contrast to the active busyness of our usual days.

I turned on the Raffi, got out paper and pastels to prime the pumps and we had a burst of creative energy. I love that the children know exactly what to do when I set out art supplies. They just come on their own to the table and get busy without any instruction. I’m so curious to see how this creative empowerment will play out in their lives.

One thing led to another and we made flags for the cupcakes that we will take to school next week; sculptures with plasticine, popsicle sticks, and pottery tools; and lovely pastel rubbings that will be turned into cards and other gifts. The boys are now moving from one activity to another with minimal fuss and they are cleaning up as we go too. It’s a nice milestone to meet. I think it helps that I’m also feeling less frazzled thanks in part to having a home stocked with interesting things to do and nourishing food and also thanks to the knowledge that I have a helper coming this afternoon and I will be able to get out for some mommy time and a bit of yoga. Today is all about balance and letting go of any expectations for the day.

something for the boy

I’ve been reading the classic ages and stages books by Louise Bates Ames and really enjoying them. Simple and straight-forward, they are such a great resource for understanding the various developmental dilemmas that go along with the growth of our little ones.

Seeing as I have a soon-to-be seven-year-old. I have been particularly interested in learning about the upcoming “life in a minor key”. It’s all about introspection, making cozy and hanging with the family.

What better way to celebrate seven than with a comfy quilt made by mom. I wanted it to be something that wasn’t too babyish but still reflected his interests. So, when I found this fabulous rocket ship print at my local fabric store I jumped on it. This is one side of the quilt. Not sure yet if it will be the top or the bottom. I’ve decided after much deliberation and research to wing it without a pattern. Yikes! Now I just have to finish it (perfect or not) by the middle of March.