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colour swatch-container copy

My ever talented partner in life shared a little trick with me for creating colour palettes using the eye dropper tool in illustrator. So fun! I imagine this must be how those clever people at Design Seeds do it. I so love their palettes but it’s nice to create my own purpose specific ones to keep with my project files.

I’m using this palette based on a painting from Brian Wildsmith’s 123’s in the surface design project I’m currently working on. I love getting colour inspiration from children’s books. I think I’m going to have to do one for Caps for Sale next!



A few interesting representations of line that I’ve seen this week.

Road repairs and oil spills in late afternoon sun:

Shadows – my legs and a tree:

Sarah Boyts Yoder

Swimming Pool Love

Mixed media on paper

via Pinterest

discovering gyo fujikawa

We recently headed over to the central branch of our library which boasts a large children’s area with plenty of diversions for children of all ages. I highly recommend it to any locals. I don’t know why we hadn’t been before. I guess our local branch is just so convenient and this one is downtown. Anyways, it was a lovely outing.

I managed to eke out a few minutes to peruse the stacks myself and found a sweet little volume called Fairy Tales and Fables. It has a great selection of old standards as well as some lesser known stories. But the best part are the illustrations.

Gyo Fujikawa worked alongside the likes of Mary Blair at Disney before heading out on her own to illustrate children’s books. Her work is very much of that time period but somehow contemporary too. They evoke a world that I would love to inhabit. I found these images of her work in various places online. Don’t you want to visit her world too?

inspiration wednesday

Thinking in oranges, and yellows. . .

Organic shapes . . .

Trees and organizing . . .


1. magnolia print, 2. Winter Partridge, 3. Untitled, 4. Orange thrift, 5. Untitled, 6. Tangerine, 7. essentials., 8. eye love trees, 9. keep out!, 10. Kitchen shelves, 11. claying, 12. Untitled


I just found this dark, whimsical art by Anna Bond.



Her blog also highlights the work of other illustrators. I had to share some of my favourites. Like these two from Blanca Gomez.


And these vintage children’s albums.


I can’t wait until her shop opens!