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this is where I go

Local artist Laura Bucci has just announced a new community art project involving mail art. I was so lucky to have participated in one of her collage button making workshops. I can’t wait to see what she does with this latest adventure.

These amazing postcards by Riitta Ikonen have me wondering how a stitched postcard would fair. I just might have to participate.

Go here for more information on how to get involved.






it’s that time of year. . .

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season has begun! We had a wonderful time at the Waldorf school fair this past weekend. I always feel like the holidays have begun with this event. The sun came out and gave us an amazing day. I bought a sweet little frame loom for the boys to use alongside my Archie Brennan designed copper loom. They are still eating up all the new tools and techniques I’m bringing home. We are working on a family tapestry with everyone contributing a few passes of the weft.

Things are still super busy but instead of making for shows, as I normally would be at this time of year, I am working on final projects. A shibori dress, a small tapestry weaving and a carpet design are filling my thoughts and busying my hands these days. I’m glad I have had the experience of pulling together handmade goods for sale and holiday magic for family simultaneously. I think it helped prepare me for this.

While I am not doing any shows this season, Owl+Pussycat holiday items are available at Collage Collage in East Vancouver and Room6 in Deep Cove. Both stores have online shops as well.

You can find recycled wool stockings, wooden snowmen kits and felt ornament kits at Room6. Megan has done a fantastic job curating her shop and it’s so full of wonderful gift ideas. If you haven’t been you really should!

I am also super excited to be working with Erin at Collage Collage on some DIY stocking kits. They come with all you need to design and make your own recycled felt stockings. If you need a little help, Collage Collage is running a stocking workshop with the kits on December 5 that looks super fun! Check out their line up of workshops here.

Now to breathe and get back to making!

crazy town


Just a short post to break the long blog silence. Things are busy. A little too busy I think. We are muddling through it and trying to keep as much of a sense of normalcy as we can. Pumpkins were carved. School projects are underway. I’m planning to do a little first term blog retrospective once the dust settles.

A few things of note in case I can’t be back in this space for a while. I won’t be re-opening the shop before the holidays but I am so happy that our friends at Collage Collage and Room 6 will be carrying some Owl+Pussycat holiday goodies. There will be stockings and stocking stuffers. I’ll share more soon!

Circle Craft Christmas Market is coming up next weekend. I can’t believe how fast these past few months have flown by! The Capilano Textile Arts students will be there. So if you are curious about what I’m up to, head on over. While Circle Craft is going on I’ll be in Mexico for a family wedding. Just cause things couldn’t get any crazier! I’m sure looking forward to that beach!

this is east van

I’m so happy for those clever folks behind This is East Van. Another book is ready to launch and it looks like it’s going to be great. Well done guys!

Here’s a little peek at all their hard work.

TIEV-2 Mini Doc #2 from THIS IS EAST VAN on Vimeo.

Tomorrow night is the gallery show and book launch. Should be fun!


We spent much of our Sunday making art of all kinds. While there wasn’t much patience for the Collecting Matisse exhibit, which I would have loved to linger with, I was so pleased to see them settle down to learn new techniques, build and explore together.

The hands down favourites for us were the shadow puppet landscape curated by Mere Phantoms and the hip hop version of Hansel and Gretel by Project Soul Crew.

It was a wonderfully long and tiring day.

mark your calendars!

I’m so excited to be part of this wonderful community art project again. And this will be my first gallery show! Sadly, I will be in Montreal for the run of the show but I hope all you locals will come out and take lots of pictures to send me!

the land of bagels

These are some bagels that I made a few years ago, before I discovered my sensitivity to gluten. They were delicious I have to say. I have yet to find a gluten free bagel. I think it would be hard to replicate that stretchy texture without gluten. However, if you are in the need of an amazing gluten free fritter, I have found those locally at the Gluten Free Epicurean. They are dangerously delicious my friends! But I digress.

It’s funny how big things in my life seem marked by baked goods. I remember the amazing profiterole tower a friend made for our wedding, the croissants we had for breakfast each morning in Paris, and even that gluten free fritter I just had for mother’s day breakfast. And now we are off to new summer adventures in a city devoted to bagels.

In a couple of weeks we will all be heading to Montreal for five whole weeks! It was a spontaneous decision to travel for new work opportunities and to experience another part of the country. Hopefully, it’s a warmer, drier part!

I will be on my own here with the kidlets for a couple of weeks while we finish up the school year and prepare for the move so there may be some more blog breaks ahead. I don’t yet know what the internet situation will be when we get there but I hope to post throughout the summer so you can all see what we are up to. I would love to hear any tips or suggestions of places to go.

As well, I will be closing up my shop before we go. Last day for orders is June 26. It is possible that I will re-open it in mid August. I’ll have to keep you posted on that one. Because the big news is not over yet! More on that later . . .

Happy weekend friends!