crazy town


Just a short post to break the long blog silence. Things are busy. A little too busy I think. We are muddling through it and trying to keep as much of a sense of normalcy as we can. Pumpkins were carved. School projects are underway. I’m planning to do a little first term blog retrospective once the dust settles.

A few things of note in case I can’t be back in this space for a while. I won’t be re-opening the shop before the holidays but I am so happy that our friends at Collage Collage and Room 6 will be carrying some Owl+Pussycat holiday goodies. There will be stockings and stocking stuffers. I’ll share more soon!

Circle Craft Christmas Market is coming up next weekend. I can’t believe how fast these past few months have flown by! The Capilano Textile Arts students will be there. So if you are curious about what I’m up to, head on over. While Circle Craft is going on I’ll be in Mexico for a family wedding. Just cause things couldn’t get any crazier! I’m sure looking forward to that beach!


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