There is so much more to going back to school than simply learning the content. Not that that part is easy because it sure isn’t! Learning to be kind to myself and to accept my mistakes has definitely been the hardest part so far. It could be another three credit course for me. I’m working with all kinds of meditation and cognitive thought techniques but still struggling. Intellectually, I know this is part of the learning process but when deadlines loom and perfectionism rears up it’s pretty hard to remember. Nevertheless, I’m keeping at it. Making lists, putting in as much time as I can muster and trying to work through it. Anyone out there have any tips for defeating that inner critic?

Part of the work I am doing involves going back to the elements of design. It’s pretty exciting to go back to simple forms and really pull them apart and think about them. It’s shape week for me so I thought I would share some of the amazing shapes I’ve been inspired by recently.

Frank Josef

Akihisa Hirata


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