the deep end

Our nomadic summer is winding down and we have begun preparing for fall. It feels like we have just found our lazy ways and here we are about to give them up again. A last minute trip to the island was the perfect way to round out the season and to help work on that muddle. We had such an urban summer, it was wonderful to rediscover the nearby lakes and oceans.

I’ve been savouring these moments with the boys before the early mornings and packed lunches start up again next week. For there are big changes ahead for us all! The littlest man is heading off to kindergarten, his big brother is starting a new school and I am going to art school. It feels like both a huge step forward and three big steps back. I’m simultaneously terrified and thrilled and more than a little peevish to tell the truth. I’ve thought about pulling out so many times. At this point I’m just focusing on breathing and not driving my family too crazy! For now, the shop will remain closed as we usher in this new chapter. More later. Wish us luck!


2 responses to “the deep end

  1. wow, and textile arts too? have fun and all best wishes
    very exciting 🙂

  2. Awesome! Amazing! Go go go!

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