…But let yourself go. You are inclined to get muddled, if I may judge from last night. Let yourself go. Pull out from the depths those thoughts that you do not understand, and spread them out in the sunlight and know the meaning of them.

Mr. Emerson to Lucy in A Room with a View by E.M. Forester

Like dear silly Lucy, I am prone to muddles. My week long absence is testament to that. Bear with me as I work through the latest. While I am in the process of airing those unknown thoughts and feelings I may be absent from this space more often. It’s my experience that these things take time and thoughtfulness to resolve.

I will be keeping my shop closed for now to give myself the time to reflect and plan my next making adventure.

If you are in need of a good read, do go out and find some Forester. He has never let me down.


One response to “muddled

  1. i find the post-vacation return to home full of muddles. vacation is such a great time to empty the mind, take stock and develop plans whereas coming home instantly fills the head with all sorts of unnecessary mundanities.
    taking the time to pause and reflect thus preventing a headlong rush into even more muddle is key for me these days.
    wishing you space, clarity and joy

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