montreal 28/35

We made these funny little men at a puppet making workshop. It was nice to see and learn about the different kinds of puppets and meet the puppeteers. We’re planning to go see a puppet show by Panadream next week.

These guys are super easy to make from cardboard and on the back is a handle made from a block of wood and a bit of dowel so you can spin them and make them dance.

I’m loving all of the free workshops and activities here. I wish there was more public support for arts and festivals in Vancouver. Life is never dull here! We saw an amazing production of Peter Pan in Parc Laurier. The boys have decided that this park is full of magic. Fire breathing dragons one day and piratical clowns the next . . .

Our days are punctuated with visits to the local outdoor pools which are also free during the week. We are lucky to have two right near by but the boys have found their favourite. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that there is a great ice cream shoppe on the way.

With one week left until we go home we are trying to squeeze in all the adventures we can. It’s off to see some friends visiting from Vancouver then the Science Centre and lobster for dinner today. A visit to the tam tams and a trip to parc national des illes-de-Boucherville is planned for tomorrow and I’m hoping to get in at least a little bit of shopping. Next week we are going to re-visit some of our favourite places and celebrate another family birthday. Maybe one more trip to the Botanical Garden and the MMFA for me too!


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