montreal 20/38

As we travel and explore, we are learning that  that things don’t always go the way we expect them to. I was hoping to share a photo of the amazing Patkau staircase at the Grande Bibliotheque. But I got busted while I was lining up the shot. Who knew you couldn’t take photos in a public library? I did find them on flickr. They are stunning. These are a few shots of the sculpture garden and the entrance.

Don’t tell them I took this photo of our reading break. They had some amazing kids books and a great listening centre. The English selection was small but well curated. We spent over an hour exploring and enjoying the air conditioning. We all enjoyed the familiarity of a library setting.

We then headed over to Place des Arts where we were way too early for the Just for Laughs family activities.  The fun festival atmosphere is only on the weekends and evenings. Sigh. It was kind of like showing up for a party after everyone has left. But we enjoyed this amazing video installation and picked up some locally made souvenirs for family and friends at the MAC shop.

Luckily our neighbourhood ice cream parlour was happy to cheer us up with a few scoops!


One response to “montreal 20/38

  1. Amanda, looks like your family is enjoying exploring Montreal. Patrick and I lived really close to Place Des Arts in the UQAM residences. Spent a lot of time in that amazing library too.
    All the best,

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