montreal 1/38

We have arrived in our new city for the summer!

After a long but thankfully uneventful flight we were greeted by crazy hot weather and open arms! It’s a bit difficult to transition from such cold rainy weather to humid and hot but we’re all so happy to be here together as a family again.

Our first night, after settling in to the apartment, we ate at an amazing Persian restaurant just blocks from our home. The family who run Byblos were so friendly and kind. They were able to accommodate my gluten sensitivity and we met a man who mentored the oldest a little in the skills of being a big brother. It was a magical, loving and delicious night.

The city again showed us kindness today in the form of a gentle metro station attendant who patiently explained the ticket options and a energetic busker who got our oldest juggling in the middle of Place Jacques Cartier. He didn’t drop a single one! We celebrated his success by offering him his first escargot. We also played in the Biosphere at Parc Jean Drapeau before heading to the nearby pool for a cool off before dinner.

I’m hoping we will settle into the three hour time change and our days will slow down a bit. I’m not sure I can keep up this pace!


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