adventures in sewing: the search for the perfect dress (part two)

This was made using a vintage sewing pattern as a starting point. I am lucky to have a friend who is not only a costume maker but also a collector of vintage sewing patterns. With her help I created a pattern exactly for my shape based on a sweet and simple a-line dress. Through the process of making a muslin, transferring alterations to paper and doing it all over again we came up with this. It’s a time consuming process but so worth it. I’ve made this dress twice and I am thinking of making it once more in black. Being quite fitted, it is a pretty formal dress, not something I would wear to take the kids to the park but perfect for a summer night out.

I have one more dress pattern to share tomorrow.


2 responses to “adventures in sewing: the search for the perfect dress (part two)

  1. I agree….it would be a lovely dress in black, and you would be able to accentuate it for formal evening wear as well! Also, very nice slimming features.

  2. I really love this. I have a vintage jacket that would really suit a pattern like that.

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