a good egg

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for Easter. Three days in a row of blessed sunshine and warm weather. Could our late spring be finally here?

The egg hunt was a great success. We enjoyed sharing the day with new friends. It was my first time making pavlova and dare I say it was delicious! And it was wonderful to add a new Polish/Ukraininan custom, the  butter lamb, into our Easter traditions. This little guy, hand carved by my ever talented husband, turned out so lovely that we couldn’t bear to eat him come Easter dinner.

We did however, nestle him into a basket full of traditional foods and he led our little procession to the local Polish Catholic church a few blocks away where we had our meal blessed. We saw so many beautiful baskets. The most charming ones were small, simple bamboo bowls filled with natural dyed eggs, a bit of kielbasa, a slice of rye bread, a slice of cheese and a tiny bowl of salt, all festooned with a bit of periwinkle. It was a real treat to be a part of this special tradition and nice to share a bit of family history with the boys.


One response to “a good egg

  1. The butter lamb is BEAUTIFUL!! Also, the traditional paska and babka look great in the blessed Easter food basket….lots of symbolism to mark this holiday!

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