the hunt

We are having a little Easter egg hunt at home this year. And as much as I love chocolate it’s not so great for the kids. It’s also getting harder to find affordable sweets without all the glucose fructose, dyes and chemicals. So I’ve made it a little simpler this year.

The plan is to put a little message inside each plastic egg instead of a sugary treat. Everyone needs to find nine eggs. The first egg they find will have a note that tells them which colour to look for next. Once they all have nine eggs (bigger kids helping littler kids) they all get a little bag of goodies with just one chocolate bunny, some stickers, hand made treats, a yummy earth lollipop and a real peanut butter chocolate egg. I hope it will be fun for them. I’m thinking they will still enjoy the thrill of the hunt but without the junk food hangover!

I had thought of making little felt finger puppets but time is running thin and there is a lot going on these days so we’re sticking to paper treats.

Like these simple origami shapes. These guys can open and close their mouths. We found the instructions in Origami for Beginners.

Oh how I love hand made books! You could make them tiny enough to fit inside an egg and add a little golf pencil.

As you can see, I’ve been playing with Picnik a little. I am sad to see it go. I’ll miss the quick and easy photo editing. Guess it’s time to learn Photoshop, unless anyone knows of anything else out there.


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