These are last year’s eggs. Made with good old Paas dye, using rubber bands and dot stickers to mask off the dye and create patterns. A few years ago we made these eggs with natural dyes. Turmeric and purple cabbage I believe.

I  would so love to make some pysanky but things always seem to be so busy this time of year and I inevitably end up taking out the wax and stylus and then putting them away, unused, for next year. We usually buy our home made Easter goodies from the local Ukrainian church along with a few of the more affordable pysanky. We have a habit of breaking them before the year is out. I keep reminding myself that there will come a day when there will be time for making intricate things and that once made these things will remain unbroken. We’re just not there yet.


One response to “eggs

  1. I do the EXACT same thing. Every year I think we will use are pysanky kit, and then things feel too hectic. This year we did fabric eggs instead and the big boy enjoyed stuffing them as a project. It is indeed a good idea to remember all the years to come when the bigger projects will be easier to do!

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