I turned a piece of pale yellow linen into this stack of bright turquoise thanks to a package of idye. I liked using idye. The dyeing process was easy and satisfying but the colour was not as uniform as I would have liked. The pot I was using was a little too small for the amount of fabric despite cutting it down to two pieces.

I’m not sure what will become of it now. I had planned to make the go to dress/top but I think the lack of uniform colour might look odd. Thinking about making this tote instead or maybe a fold over clutch. Perhaps both. Still getting used to bright colours. I am going to see what gun metal does to a piece of pink linen next.


2 responses to “turquoise

  1. great project links!
    it might be lovely as a long summery skirt or a maxi.

  2. Lovely colour!

    I haven’t done any dyeing in years. I miss it, because it’s so much fun to experiment with different colours and effects. I should do more of it, for old time’s sake.

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