homeschool experiment: letter writing

I put together a letter writing box to keep up the printing practice while we wait for our school to open again. I used a box we already had from Regional Assembly of Text and filled it with a date stamp and stamp pad, international and local stamps, blank cards and envelopes, air mail stickers, return address labels and address labels for some of our favourite people. I also printed off some letter writing sheets from Playful Learning on colourful paper. Too bad it only took all of five minutes for him to write his first letter! Thank goodness there are all kinds of great learning activities on the internet. Check out my pinterest kids and summer boards for some of my favourites.


2 responses to “homeschool experiment: letter writing

  1. Fish Out of Water

    When I was a kid my mom “encouraged” me to be pen pals with my Aunt Ethel. I didn’t realize how brilliant my mother was for doing this when I was young, but now I understand. This is a great thing you are doing.

    • owlandpussycat

      Thanks. Yes, I agree! A thank you card for a birthday gift from Aunt Gladys was written today too. I hope they keep writing. It’s such a genuine way to show people you care.

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