cafe culture

I’m finding that as we grow out of the toddler years and into the school years my role is changing. I am evolving into the drive around and wait kind of mom as opposed to the stand around in the park, wiping noses and handing out snacks kind of mom. I have to say, the transition has its perks!

Yesterday I found myself in a different neighbourhood with an hour to wait. It was enough time to explore a new (to me) cafe, eat a delicious and nutritious lunch and read a book uninterrupted. It feels like a new world is opening up to me. I may not yet have total control over when I can do this, but with a little planning, I can occasionally squeeze things like this into my days.

That hour was so lovely it got me thinking about what makes a good cafe. The space was cosy, warm, a little dark but not so much that you couldn’t read easily enough, the music was perfect and just the right volume, the staff were polite, efficient and thoughtful and the customers were relaxed. It was all very clean and well designed. I think if any one of these aspects were missing I would have enjoyed myself less. Or maybe I was just overdue for a quiet moment to myself.


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