woodland treasure hunts

Some friends of ours recently had a geocaching birthday party. What fun! A bunch of piratical kids tromping around in the woods, looking for treasure. These two just needed a couple eye patches and a parrot.

It was a digital version of the scavenger hunt party we had a few years ago where I made these little nature cards. I’m thinking they would work well with the naturalist bag for this year’s birthday.

I love the idea of a stash of treasures that you can discover, take from and leave something else behind. It got me thinking that it would be kind of nice to set one up in our boulevard garden so we could see it in action from our front window. Now I’m thinking about how to make a sneaky container like this one.


2 responses to “woodland treasure hunts

  1. How fun! I would love to try out geocaching when my little boys are bigger.

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