good work


I didn’t intend to be away for so long but things have a way of getting busy this time of year. We all fell ill, healed and recovered, celebrated, recovered again and so on .  . . I am learning to simplify but the traditions we have set up are such a part of our family that it feels mean to reign them in. So very often I end up pushing myself farther than I really should.

Still the handmade presents are finished, the baking is done, advent calendar activities came and then were taken away for a few days while we all calmed down a bit. And now we are at the culmination of all this excitement. We have had many talks about how Santa knows just the right things to bring and that even though our first feeling might be disappointment there is surely going to be something under the tree that we will lead to a new discovery and excitement.

Today there was also talk about paying Santa money since he works so hard. Despite assurances that our good behaviour is all he needs, we needed to leave something besides cookies and milk behind to show our appreciation. So it was decided that a simple note would do. Just the words “good work”. It makes me think we could all hear those words spoken more often.

Thanks to a lot of planning and hard work we are ready to spend a full week relaxing at home, without deadlines, events or anything planned at all. Maybe we will find ourselves up a mountain looking for a bit of snow, maybe we will end up at the pottery studio or maybe we will just sit around in our pajamas playing piano or board games. Whatever it is, I know we will have our tantrums and our cuddles and I’m grateful for all of it.

I hope the holiday season brings you all the very best of each other. Good work!


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