folding paper

I found myself with some time on my own with the littlest over the weekend. While he coloured nearby I was able to make a few kite paper stars and then we made these little origami trees together. He enjoyed using a bone folder to make nice crisp edges and loved setting up our own little forest.

For the kite paper stars I used this tutorial. I found the kite paper blocks here.

I can’t remember where I first learned to make the origami trees. I couldn’t find a tutorial online so I’ll try to explain how I did it.

Starting with a square piece of paper you fold the paper in half diagonally so that you have a triangle. Then you open it up. Then with the printed side down, fold the top edge down to the crease you made down the middle. Then do the same with the bottom corner. You’ll end up with the printed side folded over to make a triangle with a non-printed triangle pointing down at the bottom. Just fold it up to make a triangle. Then pull the sides and bottom out a bit on the back so that it can stand.

If that doesn’t make any sense you could try these ones. They look pretty simple and I think they would be lovely grouped together.


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