Life is full of decisions these days. The life changing kind that are so hard to make. Decisions are hard for me. Even little ones. I tend to avoid them and then at the last minute I’m ruled by the emotion of the day.

I am learning to slow down and consider them. I read somewhere that if you wash your hands after you make a decision it helps you to keep it. While that may seem a bit OCD it really does help.

And when I have brashly made a decision and then regretted it I am learning to be grateful. I can even be grateful for that crazy rainy day we had yesterday. This seems to be a much better response than the alternative.

Rhythm of the Home has a whole autumn issue based on gratitude. There are some lovely projects and traditions included. I really connected with the idea of writing down five things you are grateful for everyday. This is a good one for those times when you immediately regret a decision. It helps stop the internal fallout.

And when all else fails, I’ve been getting my heart rate up. Here’s a little gym music to inspire you to do the same.


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