five senses friday

Despite the clouds, the sun stayed with us throughout the week and the temperature was perfect. The little bean and I spent much of it outside enjoying the gifts of summer. Happy to be just the two of us for now but grateful that daddy and big brother will be back on Saturday!

seeing: him eating popcorn and raisins at dawn in the chair that he made himself (with a little help from mom). quiet and happy to be in the outdoors.

feeling: energized from busyness, excercise and preparing to have our family back together again.

hearing: a new mix on 8 tracks.

smelling: fresh laundry as I wash the things we have grown out of to pass on to new owners and take stock of what’s needed for the fall.

tasting: ice cream! so much ice cream. four flavours so far: horchata (from the big everyday foods summer issue), pistachio, peach, salted caramel.


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