gluten free in Toronto

Honestly, traveling and eating gluten free is a huge challenge. Rather than risking a sick mommy, most of the time we ate at home. Delicious local ingredients were easy to find in places like the St. Lawrence Market. But we did venture out for a few memorable meals and treats. Here’s a few of our favourites.


One of my favourite gluten free treats are macarons. And Nadège is the perfect place to find authentic French macarons. It’s hard to choose just one! The boys spent the morning at Trinity Bellwoods park where they have both a splash pad and a playground while I checked out West Queen West and Parkdale and then we met at Nadège for sweet treats. A perfect day.


Generally, Greek restaurants seem to have gluten free offerings so we headed to the Greek neighbourhood of Danforth to celebrate Peter’s birthday. We found a lovely little outdoor patio at Omonia. It was certainly a feast and aside from the bread, I could eat everything! It was also a nice break from the concrete and heat of the downtown. Danforth is similar to Kitsilano in spirit so it was easy to relax and enjoy the friendly owners and staff and the delicious meal.

Soma Chocolate (King West)

(photo from blogTO)

Just around the corner from our apartment we found this beautiful little chocolate shop where we found gifts for friends and family to bring back with us. The chocolate covered orange peels were to die for!

Next up, our favourite outings.


One response to “gluten free in Toronto

  1. Good to know about the gluten-free menus…..that’s always a concern for us while travelling! Were the macaroons made from oatmeal, cocoa, and cocoanut? Also, HAPPY “belated” BIRTHDAY to Peter!!

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