inspiration: bookhou

I am slowly getting through our photos from our trip to Toronto. Everything seems to take a little longer these days. Summer rhythms I suppose. I thought I would start with one of the most inspiring visits.

I had a day to myself to explore and the first place I wanted to go was bookhou. What a treat that was to not only enjoy the beautiful studio and shop of such a talented artist but to also get to meet her. Arounna was kind and generous and we had such a lovely chat.

My recent feelings of discouragement were washed away by experiencing such generosity of spirit and an honest kindness. I saw the possibility of having a creative life that supports your values and your family. I also saw that it was possible to explore different media without diluting your product offering. Bookhou has products ranging in wood, textile, paper and soon will have ceramics. All of it lovely to look at, hold and enjoy.

Of course I coudn’t walk away without a few treasures myself. I’m especially enamoured with this little handbag. It’s the perfect size for a small wallet, phone, sunglasses and keys. It’s beautifully made, the fabric is so lovely and the print is perfect for me.

(photo from bookhou)

Before I continued on my way, Arounna gave me some tips for places to visit like made, the workroom, the paper place and designer fabrics and a lovely walking route to get to each of them. It made my day all the more enjoyable.

Thanks Arounna!


2 responses to “inspiration: bookhou

  1. thanks so much amanda for your kind words
    I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to toronto
    beautiful pictures too!

  2. inspiration is a great thing, very uplifting

    PS: if you have time, check out the Wearable Arts Awards call for entries in Port Moody

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