five senses friday

Well, here we are at the end of a very interesting week! We saw Peter off at the airport for an unplanned work trip that is going to take him away for six weeks!

We scrambled to change our summer plans and here we are feeling a little disheveled and out of sorts, still getting used to new routines. Patience is going to be the word of the summer. Patience with myself and with the boys. My 365 photo challenge certainly took a beating this week. I don’t think I’ve picked up the DSLR all week! I’ll be using iphone shots for a while anyways until I’m sorted out again. Quirky camera shots seem to go with our quirky life these days anyways. So, without further ado, this week’s five senses.


seeing: them devour the special breakfast surprise I made after they played the magic bedtime game so well.

feeling: remarkably calm.

hearing: the lawnmowers and leaf blowers outside. at least we will have a tidy yard.

smelling: cocoa butter hand cream.

tasting: chocolate. so much chocolate.


3 responses to “five senses friday

  1. Breakfast looks delicious!

  2. oh my word!
    six weeks is a long time (my max at home has been two weeks solo parenting while mr ebb was away on business, though somehow i discount the four to five weeks solo stuff i rack up when traveling with the wee guy on holidays). and sudden notice is pesky too.
    here’s hoping you and the boys have a great summer regardless – take advantage of taking some time out for yourself too (accept all offers of help if you can, or book up some daycamps, etc.)

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