happy easter

Easter baskets based roughly on Melissa’s soft boxes with some twill tape handles. I used alphabet stamps and linen scraps for the names. I’m imagining all sorts of uses for these after the big egg hunt.

And a little treat for me too. Some hens and chicks potted up in mason jars. I love the simple unfussy repetition of colour and shape. I think they will make a great addition to our Easter table.

A healthy, happy long weekend to you all!


2 responses to “happy easter

  1. Ha! I just tried to make a similar fabric basket without following any tutorial and let me just say, yours turned out much nicer than mine. Lovely job. The hen and chicks are so sweet too!

    • owlandpussycat

      Oh no! I used a 6 inch square quilting ruler to get really nice clean squares. I also didn’t use interfacing. I had some leftover fused fabric from another project. Muslin and the Amy Butler print stuck together with Heat and Bond. Then I lined it with more muslin. I think that helped keep the shape.

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