I recently picked up a book from the library. The Book of Awesome. This is a good book. It’s funny. It’s the kind of book that makes you think about things a little differently. Because there really are truly awesome (in the literal sense, not the surfer dude sense) thing happening every day. And no matter how grumpy you are, if you take note of them you can’t help but cheer up a little. It certainly had that effect on me anyways.

Some awesome things that happened to me this weekend:

I tripped and spilled half a pound of coffee beans. This in itself wasn’t awesome but what happened next was. The coffee beans were all over the inside of the fridge. A fridge in need of a little cleaning. Spilling the coffee beans into the fridge motivated me to clean it, reorganize it and get rid of all of the unknown furry things way in the back. Now I am a happy camper every time I open that gleaming fridge.

We visited a bike shop to have our stroller tire repaired. Our oldest who has always been a bit cautious about bikes just hopped on one and rode it around the store while we waited for the tire. He can’t stop talking about that bike. He loves the orange colour. The size, which is a little smaller than he probably needs making it a bit easier to ride. We had been thinking about getting a bike for his birthday next week and here was the perfect bike. Of course we bought it. in secret. He doesn’t know yet. Knowing that we have chosen a gift that is perfect for him. That’s awesome.

We headed out to the woods and made it all the way around the lake trail. We haven’t been able to do this before. But now everyone in our family has legs that are long enough for this kind of trek. It felt like a world of possibilities just opened up. When I came home, tired in a good way, I had that tingling feeling in my muscles that signifies that I have had just the right amount of physical activity. I had breathed in mountain air, got outside with the kids and everyone had a good time. That was awesome.

Has anything happened to you lately that was awesome? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Happy Monday!


6 responses to “awesome

  1. My husband replaced our kitchen faucet this Saturday, which needed to be done for about a year, with complete success…no drips or leaks and “pleasant” conversation during the entire procedure! THAT was TRULY awesome!!!
    Then on Sunday afternoon, we went to watch our 5 year old grandson play hockey, and his skating and stick handling have improved so much from the start of the season. He was even able to keep his balance when he took his hands off his stick to wave to us….that was VERY awesome!

  2. feeling awesome about feeling more awesome these days and feeling awesome about Matt’s new direction for him and our family!

  3. It is awesome that you reminded me today to count my blessings. I think top on the list at the moment is enjoying the company of our new 3 chickens Milly Molly Mandy who have made our backyard feel like a really country home. Thanks for the reminder.

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