young sewist kit

We have a young friend who loves to sew and happens to be turning eight. Of course, a little last minute sewing under tight deadlines was in order.

I love encouraging kids to sew as you all well know. I’m also one to choose the perhaps less cool gift that will last a long time rather than the latest toy. So I made up this little sewing kit for a birthday present.

I’ve become a little addicted to sewing lined  zipper pouches. So fast, easy and satisfying once you get the hang of it. A great way to use up bits of my stash and useful to boot. I like the way you can customize the size to fit the contents as I have done here. And, the best part is that you can do it in under an hour. Perfect for a last minute gift idea.

I found this tutorial in case you suddenly feel the need to make one too.

What’s inside you might ask? Well, just about everything a young sewist might need. A stocked needle book, some linen and burlap, some floss, a wooden hoop and an iron on transfer pencil. I’m hoping he will be able to use the pencil to make transfers from his own drawings. Or maybe trace colouring book pages. That sort of thing. Pretty much everything came from my home studio. I just had to go out and buy the iron on transfer pencil. So this was also a very economical gift too!

If our youngest little guy hadn’t just come down with the chicken pox (big brother had it a few weeks ago), I would have also found a small pair of scissors to include. That would have made it just about perfect.


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