reflection + resolution

The last week of the year is always a time of reflection for me. As I look back on the insanity over the last few weeks I have to ask myself why I do it. Of course with young children there is so much joy and magic at the holidays. But all that magic is a serious amount of work for a mom. All of the making and baking and to-ing and fro-ing. Events and concerts, advent gifts from the elves and presents from santa . . . It’s exhausting!

I find myself slipping into bad habits just to get through it all. While I love that our family works hard to reduce the amount we consume by making  gifts and avoiding the malls as much as possible sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to just head on over to walmart one early morning when the kids are sleeping and get it all done. I’m sure this is just my exhaustion talking and of course I will do it all again next year but I think I’ll seriously reduce the scope. So many wise people talk about living simply and I’m sure that killing yourself for your children’s Christmas memories was not what they had in mind.

Thankfully we had a lovely time with good friends at the start of the holidays. We visited my childhood church on Christmas eve and really enjoyed spending time with each other in our little family. But I still missed the massive extended family event that was Christmas when I was a child. Somewhere along the way this event disappeared as everyone moved on and had families of their own. Perhaps I was unaware of the work that went into those Christmases but they were so meaningful. Still, we grow and things change and it’s time to create new traditions and set new goals. So I guess goal number one for next year is to do only what I love to do. To be thoughtful about the things that I take on and to only attend the events that are really meaningful.

Now on to the rest of my goals for 2011. In the spirit of mindfulness and living a simple life this year’s goals tend to involve some type of growth or organization. I keep thinking that if we had a better organized home that discipline, joy and creativity would all be a little easier. And by sharing them here I hope to have some sort of accountability for getting them done!

We start off with a big re-do of the house. Some paint, changing some rooms around and changing the use of some rooms. Nothing too extravagant here. And I’m going to try to do it all without buying a whole lot of new stuff to clutter it up.

Then on to a personal re-do with daily meditation, morning pages, and regular yoga. Perhaps we’ll throw another cleanse in there for good measure.

Then a financial re-do, by living within our means. I am actually looking forward to this one as it takes pressure off to create the “perfect” home or to do any more renovations. It also provides the opportunity for more creativity through thrifting, cooking more and re-using. Of course we’ll continue on with our helpful little pear who has become such a great tool for this kind of work.

And lastly a few things for the creative soul. To take photos every day, to make a set of dress and skirt blocks for myself so that I can use up some of that great stash that is just waiting for me while feeling good about what I am wearing. And lastly to add music to our home. I’m hoping we can work a piano into the great house re-do and perhaps a ukulele for me. Fun!

Thanks to everyone for sharing this space with me this past year. I hope that 2011 will bring you all the growth and peace that you need.

Happy New Year!


2 responses to “reflection + resolution

  1. from one amanda to another, happy new year
    all the very best for 2011 – i’ll continue to enjoy reading your blogposts and catching up with you in real life

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