Last night I hosted our second annual neighbourhood cookie swap. After all of the work that went into preparing for holiday shop updates and sales it was a real treat to be able to have a simple get together. One that required very little planning. The kind of event where you feel relaxed afterwards and you can slip quietly into bed without a big mess to worry about. I love having small groups of good friends over. The kinds of friends that don’t mind if you didn’t get a chance to clean the toilet. They’ll come by and hang out with you just as you are. It felt like a turning point in the holidays. Sure I still have things to check off my list but maybe some of those things will just have to wait until next year as I start to slow down and enjoy the season.

For decorations I pulled out some mason jars, popped some tealights in them and spread them about the living room. They provided so much warmth and light. Perfect for a rainy night. They also reminded me of a time when we didn’t have so much. When we tried to make every moment a treasure by creating little bits of magic around us. It was nice to remember that.

And the cookies! Oh my! Such a lot of sweet goodness. I wish I had photographed them all. There was shortbread, walnut filled cookies, chocolate truffles, candied lemon zest and bird’s nest cookies with homemade jam. I love how without any planning the cookies always manage to complement each other. Everyone made such delicious treats. And now all of our holiday baking is done!

For my part, I made these little cinnamon stars or zimtsterne as they say in German. Such a delicious, easy, gluten-free recipe. It seems I can’t get through the holiday without Martha. I found the recipe in this year’s  Holiday Baking issue.

Today I am breathing a little easier and my shoulders are starting to come down farther as I relax bit by bit. Thanks ladies!


3 responses to “simple

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening! I love your idea about the mason jars and tealights, and your gluten-free cookies look yummy…..I know someone who LOVE to eat a few!!!

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