finally, some new things!

Like most of us who work at home with the family while trying to eke out some sort of a living by making things, I am not exactly experiencing a restful fall season. There was of course the birthday party, which was wonderful, the week long halloween extravaganza that consumes all school children, also wonderful, and now the pre-holiday prep as I tidy up the shop, the studio and try to make a few things as well. All this to say that I am fairly exhausted before it’s all begun. But I am rallying all of my internal strength to get things going now. And as always, I am amazed at how slowly it all comes together. However, I am so very happy to announce that I have indeed done a mini shop update! By mini, I mean very tiny, just two items so far. But, I promise there is more to come.

This little cutey is a beginner embroidery kit. It includes all the things an early sewist of say five or so would need to get started. You can see all of the details here in the shop.

And this little tool roll would make an excellent stocking stuffer for that little artist in your life don’t you think?

Don’t have a stocking? Not to worry. Those are coming soon. I promise!


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