now we are three

Sunny skies, thoughtful and caring friends and a group of sweet children helped us celebrate Sacha’s third birthday the past weekend. It was honestly the easiest and most relaxing birthday party we’ve ever had.

October is such a busy month for me so it was nice to hand off a portion of the party planning to someone else. I made the food and goody bags and left the rest to a professional.

We ate jell-o stars, fruit and cupcakes and enjoyed listening to a story and making multi-media dino pictures. It was so nice to see our little ones settle down to focus on their making.

The goody bags were based on Amy’s snack bag tutorial. I made a dinosaur rubber stamp and hand stamped each one before filling it with some wooden animals for decorating, a yummy earth lollipop and a little bag of play mais. Next to each dino I attached a hand made pin-back button made from fabric scraps and stamped with a “3”. It was so nice to be able to spend more time on these without having to worry about cleaning the house and prepping activities.

Thanks to everyone who came and to Erin for putting it all together.


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