I love the fall. The colours, smells, cooler weather, crunchy leaves all inspire and energize me. I am grateful for the fall as I find myself coming out of a particularly draining few months. I’ve recently discovered that wheat does not work well with my body and as I remove it from my diet it has been liberating (though not without pitfalls) to feel this new found sense of lightness and well being. Health issues that I had become desensitized to  seem to be resolving and I’m discovering that one of the side benefits is greater clarity and creative energy. Thank goodness!

Never one to sit still I am putting all that new found energy into little creative projects around the house. My goal is to have it polished up by Christmas so that I can enjoy a restful holiday with the family.

I whipped up this little table runner after a trip to one of the larger local fabric stores. I am always amazed at what I can find. This piece of cotton canvas came pre-hemmed on the long sides so all I had to do was hem the ends. Including ironing time it literally took all of ten minutes. And it will be just the thing for our little thanksgiving table.


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