With each visit to our home the tooth fairy has brought a coin from a far away land in exchange for a tooth. What I love about this tradition is that each coin brings us closer to another part of the world as we learn about each country. I’m hopeful that it will also foster a longing for travel.

Now, with seven coins in his collection it seemed to be the right time to find a special place to put them all. I made this little leather coin purse while thinking of The Princess Bride. Something about the smell of the leather I guess. I felt like a little cobbler working away. I could see him tethering it to his belt as he rode his trusty horse across Europe to save his damsel . . .

We are at that tricky stage of a boys life where things made by mom are not always so well-loved as they once were. I am hoping the manliness of soft chocolate leather will pass the test. Might even be time to share one of my favourite movies with him.


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