So I missed the KCWC and I haven’t been able to take a close up of this cute little behind. It just moves too fast! But I didn’t want to delay too long in sharing my experience of the sandbox pants.

What I loved about the pattern is that it is very well thought out. Unlike other commercial patterns, the pieces fit really well together and the details are great! I love the rakish angle of the pockets. The detached waistband also allows an elastic waist without a lot of bulk and without that “homemade” look.

I only changed a couple of things. I shortened the rise by about 1/2″. I suspect the pattern was designed for diaper bums so if you are diaper free I would recommend making this change. The other change I made was to shorten the length. And lastly, because I have a silly fear of buttonholes, I changed the way the ties work, using twill tape and having them stick out of the centre seam and I didn’t do the buttonholes on the pockets.

Overall, I love this pattern and I see many little sandbox pants in our future.


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