best intentions

I am one of those people who has the best intentions. But in the end I tend to over commit, refuse to compromise and end up scrambling at the last minute to make everything perfect and complete. So, it is with the best intentions that I began preparation for our advent calendar this afternoon.

The advent calendar has become the cornerstone of our holiday season. Certainly not something that can be avoided. Those clever elves are always leaving lovely little gifts and suggestions for activities. Sadly, more often than not, it ends up being a scramble at the peak of the celebrations to even remember to sneak in a chocolate or two. These being the back-up treat for times when the elves have nothing else to put in. And so I begin early this year to make sure to keep the magic in this favourite holiday tradition.

A few weeks ago I came upon these lovely alpha rocks. We are still working on reading and writing in our home and I thought these might make a fun little advent gift. I sewed up a re-usable pouch with some left-over linen to keep them organized. I’m hoping that the boys will be inspired to create their own alpha rocks as well and that we can enjoy the process of finding, washing, and rubbing on the letters together.

But not to worry, I do remember that it’s still fall and not yet winter. The first day of fall in fact. Such a glorious sunny and crisp fall day it is too. The kids clothing week challenge is going on over at elsie marley. So I also worked on some sweet sandbox pants for the little one. These are so great for the not-quite-toilet-trained in our house. He can pull them on and off and because they are so quick to make it’s easy to have a few pair in the house. I’ve been tweaking the pattern just for him and I’ll share the results just as soon as I can get a photo of them in action.


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