first day

The fall is always a season of renewal for me. This is when I feel like spring cleaning and getting organized, making resolutions and plans to improve. So we have spent some time updating our linens, donating bags of household items that were just cluttering up our home and otherwise sprucing up for the rainy winter days where we will just snuggle at home. My plan was to go room by room and renew in a more systematic way but it seems that the ad hoc approach is working better. Ah, well. I am learning to adapt.

Both of my babies started school this week. The younger starting Montessori pre-school. I am smitten with the serene and gentle environment at his little school among the trees. I think I am going to enjoy being there as much as he is. The older one started back at his school from the previous two years. I feel particularly lucky that he is involved in such a wonderful community within walking distance. He has has the same teacher for the first three years of  school and it seems to have really grounded him. I am also grateful that the children are enjoying their first days back together. They seem to have fallen back in with each other as if they were never apart. I wish it was that easy for grown-ups.


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