authentic, simple, real, fresh

I am not much of a jewelery person. I’m still in the ear pulling phase of motherhood so I don’t think dangly earrings are a good idea and I don’t like things around my wrist so bracelets are out. I have a few locally made necklaces that I love but that’s about it. Needless to say, I don’t really have a proper place to store my little collection so when I came across this sweet idea somewhere in the blogosphere I thought it would be fun to try. This literally took about ten minutes to put together and hang and I’m pretty happy with it. I think the hoop could be a bit bigger but it’s what I had on hand.

The fabric is printed like a mock dictionary page full of inspirational words and meanings and I feel like it really expresses where I am focusing my attention right now. As I get ready and begin planning for a summer spent living simply, I’m hoping to remember these words when things get a bit crazy as they inevitably will.

I am also planning some changes to this blog for the summer. A little experiment to see if I can simplify and yet create a more detailed picture of our lives. More and more I’ve been using this space as a way to remember things and to document each special moment so starting tomorrow, June 1 things will be a little different and a little more tidy. Think habit. I’m not sure yet exactly how it will unfold but let’s give it a try. We may be back to chaos within a few days but here’s hoping!


2 responses to “authentic, simple, real, fresh

  1. nice! I love habit.

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