way too much goodness

So first off, there was Got Craft? Lots of lovely people and lots of lovely things! Big hugs to all the friends who came out to say hi. I always love having friends come by. It makes being out in the world on display so much easier. So thanks friends! And thanks Andrea and Rob for another great show!

I came home with a belated birthday gift for my sister who just bought her first house and loved the Neverending Story as a child. How perfect!

Then there are these cupcakes. I mean how seriously cute is that! Our next kid birthday isn’t until October but I am already planning. And I’m thinking that these might need to be involved.

And today I discovered Okido. If you see this and absolutely need one, go and visit Erin and she’ll hook you up. How can you say no to yoga monkey?

Oh, and this is a pint-sized bow-tie. We are going to a big prairie wedding in a couple of weeks so the boys need to look their Sunday best. It was quick and easy to make. I’m just hoping they will wear them!

And if you really wanted a tooth fairy pillow or a little apron and didn’t pick one up on Sunday I will be heading over to Beansprouts later this afternoon to drop some off there.

Phew! Random but good.


2 responses to “way too much goodness

  1. Beautiful job…..your boys will look DAPPER at the wedding in these pint-sized bow-ties! I understand your oldest is Guest Book Attendant…..how handsome he will look, sporting this fashionable bow-tie with his Sunday best, as he attends to his role!

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