more art at home

On Tuesday mornings you can usually find us at Collage Collage for the pre-school drop-in. We’ve been going pretty much consistently for the past few months and Sacha and I have both really come to love the time we spend there. I really appreciate Erin’s approach to making. It’s very much focused on exploration and learning the process rather than on the outcomes. So when I found myself with a nasty head cold this morning that I didn’t want to share, I wanted to figure out a low key way for him to do some process oriented art at home.

Nothing complicated or messy here. Just some oil pastels, a paper punch, a glue stick and some scraps of paper. We started by drawing tree shapes with pastels, and then creating little leaves with the paper punch and glueing them on. The paper is from an Amy Butler scrapbooking pad that I had in the art cupboard and the punch came from Daiso. I love the saturated colours that you can get with these pastels. It sure helped to have a fully stocked art cupboard. This project would not have happened if I had to root around the house looking for supplies.

While he coloured and punched and glued I punched a few of my own little shapes using a two inch scalloped circle punch and stitched them up later.

I’m loving the look of sewn paper these days. And this was so easy and quick to make.

On another note, I recently wrote a little tutorial for one of the activities we did for William’s seventh birthday party. I made up these laminated flashcards for a scavenger hunt that had the boys searching for things around the neighbourhood. The directions are over on Andrea’s DIY blog if you want to check it out. I under-estimated how much the boys would love this one. They have them clipped to backpacks and belt loops and take them to school. Who knew learning about nature could be so fun?


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