homemade birthday gifts

It’s always nice to get the boys involved in making gifts for our friends. We have a young friend who is very interested in Tin Tin these days so we made this little guy as a little extra for his birthday package. Throughout the process it became very important to choose the right materials, the right image and have discussions on what the final project would look like. Should it be a t-shirt, a little treasure bag or something else? In the end it was decided that a little stuffie to take to bed was just the right thing. It was a whole family project. I found an image on the internet (a colouring page), then daddy printed it at work and transferred the image to a piece of fabric with a fabric marker and then William coloured it in with fabric pastels before I stitched it all together.

Over the last few weeks, all of the DIY and crafty activities that we incorporate into our home life are starting to evolve into more child directed activities and I love it! I love watching the process unfold and the little ones getting excited over choosing materials and methods. I love seeing their own individual creative process become more sophisticated and complex and I love all of the little things that are inhabiting our home as a result. I can’t wait to see what’s going to come next!


4 responses to “homemade birthday gifts

  1. I’m so impressed! Accolades to the WHOLE family on a marvellous job! I’m sure this gift will be treasured.

  2. Have you taken pics of their birdhouses they painted here at Easter?

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