just in time!

These two fellas arrived this morning. I’ve been working on these for only a week which is a short time for me. I usually need time to process and experiment whenever I try a new pattern. But I am so happy with the results. And the boys love them too!

I used Fiona’s Jack Rabbit pattern. It’s a great pattern to work with. Very clear and detailed. I love PDF patterns that don’t need to be re-sized. I was able to just print it out and get going! I was a bit surprised by how skinny they turned out. I’m not sure if I was supposed to add seam allowance or whether it was included. But other than that, they came together without any trouble. Don’t you think you should make one or two?

Happy Easter!


6 responses to “just in time!

  1. Excellent job! I love the colours that you chose for each bunny. A great idea for our grandsons for next year!

  2. Those are fantastic. I’ll have to give that pattern a try for next year! Thanks for telling us about it!

  3. sooooo cute. nice work! I love their polka dot ears and turtlenecks. your boys will be pleased with these bunnies no doubt.

  4. These are awesome!! I’m going to add one of these bunnies to my “to do”craft list – not sure what year that will be…but I would love to make one of these.

    I’m sure your boys will love these. The turtleneck is just adorable!!

    Happy Easter!

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