lovely ladies

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day with some lovely ladies. Veterans of the craft community in Vancouver. The market was pretty slow so it was nice to have interesting folks to chat with.

First, there’s Heather. I have been a fan of Heather Dahl for a long time and this past Christmas I was gifted with one of her teapots and a matching cup. I love the attention to detail and quality in her work. Her simple lines and modern colour combinations are so soothing and easy to use and have around the house. And the weight and feel are perfect. And as a bonus, her teapot shape fits my bodum cosies perfectly! Her pieces really feel good in your hands. Take this beautiful gingko and hummingbird teapot shown on her site.

So it was a real joy to sit next to her and discover that she is as lovely as her pottery. Watch for her at this year’s One of a Kind Show. I bet she’ll be on a bus ad this time!

Then there was Jackie from Divesin. She makes the most curious and whimsical little collages and they are so affordable that you really can’t say no to them. We purchased one as a family gift during the holidays. A little viking, map and conifer grouping that sits in our kitchen as if it was meant to be there. This little nature collage is available in her shop. Don’t you think you should buy it?

Again, Jackie was a nice as the things she makes. It is always interesting to see how artist personalities make their way into their pieces. I have yet to meet someone at a market that wasn’t kind. Thanks for spending the day with me ladies!


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