back to our irregularly scheduled programming

Thanks for bearing with me on the spring break posts. It was such a great week in so many ways. I learned so much about myself and my children.

Tomorrow is the big day! My first little babe turns seven and it feels like a big one. We have had so many firsts this year and so many growing pains and new teeth and really reading and writing. It’s been a little like a rebirth in a way. He’s all of a sudden become a little man. In honour of the enormity of this big birthday, there are many, many little activities underway for tomorrow and for the party on Saturday so I thought I would share them bit by bit.

I recently learned about the birthday ring tradition. It seemed like something that would work for our family birthdays and a great way to build on our Christmas advent wreath tradition. There is a lovely post explaining it here.

I found the ring, the candle inserts, the vase, the picture holders, and the sailboat at ape2zebra. Although if you google “birthday ring” all kinds of sources come up. I like the idea of a vase to put seasonal plants from the garden. These miniature hyacinths seemed to fit the bill for this spring birthday perfectly. You’ll see why I included a sailboat soon.

I made the candles with leftover wax from the Christmas gifts we made this year. If you are local there is a great place in Burnaby that has every kind of beeswax product you can imagine.

And the drawing was done by oh-so-talented daddy. It was nice to incorporate some of his creative output too.


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