spring break diary: day three

Was that snow this morning? The wet weather kept us inside and we had the best morning in a long while. We’re on sick watch for the little one. He was full of uncharacteristic snuggles early this morning and seems to be on the verge of a virus. We scrapped plans to visit the thrift store for treasure hunting and get out in the garden and respected our low energies and found a new, quiet rhythm in contrast to the active busyness of our usual days.

I turned on the Raffi, got out paper and pastels to prime the pumps and we had a burst of creative energy. I love that the children know exactly what to do when I set out art supplies. They just come on their own to the table and get busy without any instruction. I’m so curious to see how this creative empowerment will play out in their lives.

One thing led to another and we made flags for the cupcakes that we will take to school next week; sculptures with plasticine, popsicle sticks, and pottery tools; and lovely pastel rubbings that will be turned into cards and other gifts. The boys are now moving from one activity to another with minimal fuss and they are cleaning up as we go too. It’s a nice milestone to meet. I think it helps that I’m also feeling less frazzled thanks in part to having a home stocked with interesting things to do and nourishing food and also thanks to the knowledge that I have a helper coming this afternoon and I will be able to get out for some mommy time and a bit of yoga. Today is all about balance and letting go of any expectations for the day.


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