something for the boy

I’ve been reading the classic ages and stages books by Louise Bates Ames and really enjoying them. Simple and straight-forward, they are such a great resource for understanding the various developmental dilemmas that go along with the growth of our little ones.

Seeing as I have a soon-to-be seven-year-old. I have been particularly interested in learning about the upcoming “life in a minor key”. It’s all about introspection, making cozy and hanging with the family.

What better way to celebrate seven than with a comfy quilt made by mom. I wanted it to be something that wasn’t too babyish but still reflected his interests. So, when I found this fabulous rocket ship print at my local fabric store I jumped on it. This is one side of the quilt. Not sure yet if it will be the top or the bottom. I’ve decided after much deliberation and research to wing it without a pattern. Yikes! Now I just have to finish it (perfect or not) by the middle of March.


3 responses to “something for the boy

  1. I need to get myself a copy of that book. It sounds good. And I love that rocket quilt!

  2. Oh, Liz do you have a seven year old too? I just finished it. It’s pretty old-school but if you can read between the lines, there are some good tidbits in there.

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