So this is the quilt. And yes, it is finished.

I learned so much about my sewing stamina, my machine and even just the process of making a quilt. I loved the journey although I did find that ripping it out constantly because of my perfectionism was very frustrating. Not something I recommend.

At some point a friend, who has more quilting experience than I, couldn’t sit back and watch it anymore. She told me about the 8 hour quilt (sorry, can’t find the link). The idea is that you just run rows of stitching across the quilt sandwich without worrying about the pattern. The result is a lovely, organic, wavy design. This process literally changed my life. It gave me permission to just keep going without worrying about imperfections and puckers and all of those mistakes that you make when doing something a bit too ambitious. It was really freeing to be able to just play with the sewing machine. I even kind of like the uneven stitching and puckering. It makes it somehow less precious and more usable.

If you are thinking of making your first quilt, just go for it!

Here are some of the resources that I found useful.

Simple Contemporary Quilts: for the pattern

Heather Bailey’s binding tutorial

Oh, Fransson: just a lovely blog about quilts


4 responses to “finally!

  1. I have a quilt top- spiderweb design, made from scraps- and cotton batting. Need and old sheet for the back and binding – but I plan to quilt it that way on a vintage singer straight-stitch machine. Nothing precious, just good to use.
    yours looks so nice.

  2. Heather Bailey’s binding tutorial is a gem! I’m currently working on my second quilt and find myself nodding away as I read your post. Perfectionism and quilting do not go hand in hand. Fantastic job on your quilt!

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