what I learned from the Queen

Things have been challenging around here. For no particular reason. I think it’s just growth spurts and pre-developmental leaps. But challenging in one of those “we are not going to let mommy get a minute of peace” kind of ways.

In retaliation I’ve been obsessed with Julia Child’s Queen of Sheba chocolate cake. This is the second one I made. Since I don’t have the book I used what I gleaned from the French Chef episode of the same title and this recipe. What I learned the first time is that you really can’t over mix the egg whites. It didn’t rise at all. And this one may be obvious but it has to be said, don’t use a cake pan that is bigger than eight inches. It really doesn’t work.

Second time around I learned that you can mix the egg yolks, sugar and butter at the same time, you can add the flour ahead of the egg whites (to avoid over mixing), and that if you forget to put in the sugar with the egg whites but you’ve added 1/4 teaspoon of cream of tarter (as in the French Chef episode) it will all work out in the end. If your chocolate is just not melting you can add a bit more liquid. I used brandy both times. It will make the cake a bit richer and boozier tasting but just as delicious. For the icing I mixed melted chocolate with a bit of brandy and whipping cream. Not sure of the proportions. I just sort of guessed.

If you haven’t made one you really should. It’s sure to cure what ails you.


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