corners of my home: play kitchen

We started looking for a play kitchen for the boys about a year ago. I really wanted something made of wood that would work in our house both in terms of size and in terms of aesthetic. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars on some off-gassing plastic thing that I couldn’t stand to look at. So, we planned and designed and consulted and drew and then the birthday came and went and Christmas was soon approaching and still we had no play kitchen. Two days before Christmas we came across this one and something clicked.

We had looked into making something like this but in the end decided that it would be too small. I really wanted one that the boys could use for a while. Below is a list of the parts that we used in case anyone wants to take a crack at it, and it really did take Peter two days to put it all together. And it wasn’t two long, tedious days but two solid days of picking away at it in the evenings and during nap time.

Here’s what it looked like before we put on the backing board and added the finishing touches.

Materials used:

– ivar box for the base (we were able to make the front panel from one of the support pieces that came with it)

– 4×4 sheet of plywood for the back (since we don’t have a table saw, we had the hardware store cut the piece for us)

– craft panel for inside shelf and divider

– panna coasters for the burners

– attest knobs for the stove

– bekvam spice rack,magasin cutlery rack, and grundtal s hooks for the upper shelf

– the faucet was made from a discontinued ikea shelf bracket that we already had and the taps were made from richelieu wood drawer pulls from rona

– the sink was made from a stainless steel kitchen bowl from daiso

– the legs are capita

– the curtain was hung with picture wire and eye hooks and the fabric is red letter day by lizzy house (half a yard should probably do it)

What was lovely about the process is that we all worked on it together. We brought William in on the project so that we could measure it against his height and so that he could be part of the gift-giving. And I tell you the pretend coffee that comes out of that little stove top espresso pot is the best I’ve ever tasted! Since it turned out so nice and the boys are really good about keeping it tidy, we’ve set up a little play area in the living room where we can play cafe. I think this little kitchen will be a treasured keepsake that will stay in our family for a very long time. It was definitely worth the thought and planning that went into it.


2 responses to “corners of my home: play kitchen

  1. Kitchen looks great! I see you have new chairs and table too. I’ll bet they are having a lot of fun with it. If you don’t want the red chairs anymore I can give them to the boys next door. They just have plastic ones right now. I have a thing about tables and chairs. You can never have too many of either.

  2. Sorry didn’t notice the red chair in front of the blackboard. I see you are still using them so don’t worry about giving them up.

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